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Andrea Bailey is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner 

who has been in the medical profession for over 26 years. 

She began her journey in the medical profession, 

as a nursing tech, at Mary Black Hospital. She then went 

to become a licensed practical nurse, at Spartanburg Technical

College, then went to pursue her Associates Degree at Tri 

County Technical College, in Pendleton SC, & obtained her

MSN, FNP at Walden University, in Minneapolis, MN.


Andrea is licensed in both SC & NC to provide services 

to all ages, within each boards scope of practice. She can diagnose,

treat, prescribe medications, help manage chronic diseases,

and educate the public with health and wellness preventative

measures. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” 

(Benjamin Franklin, 1736) is definitely a way to help focus

on one’s overall health & comorbidities. It is taking precautionary

measures before a crisis occurs and I can assist you with 

management, while you help maintain.


Andrea brings a wealth of experience with adults and 

geriatric patients. She also has experience with providing house call services. 

If someone is without transportation or have a 

physical immobility that may not allow them to get to their

scheduled appointments, making a house call may be more 

convenient. My motto is that “I nurse from my heart, from

the top to the bottom, leaving the center full of love

and compassion.” I believe in serving, with 100 percent 

of my knowledge and expertise, to help collaborate with 

the other medical professionals to get the job

done right. Expanding education to patients and their 

loved ones can generate a multitude of knowledge to others,

in the community being served.

About the CEO

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